Researches in the Stratosphere





Study, science, innovation, cooperation, sharing, friendship.
The aim of the crew is to disseminate  scientific knowledge, to bring young people close to science and also older ones, to share all the information and results, cooperate with professionists and companies, applying to reality all the subjects that you study on the books (from the theorical part to the practical one), to boost the research of new innovations and the research of the solution regarding difficult problematics. To reach our goal we chose to perform scientific experiments (physics, chemistry, biology, ...) in the atmosphere layer called Stratosphere, by using aerostat balloons filled with Helium where our module containing instruments, on board computers, and samples to complete our studies.
Why the Stratosphere?
The Stratosphere is a layer of the Atmosphere, which goes from an altitude of 12 km to 50 km (aproximately), where the temperature and the pressure level is very diffrent from the levels of them on ground (fro example at an altitude of 12km the temperature is aproximately -50°C; at an altitude of 40km the pressure is equal to planet Mars). We are talking about the layer which contains the Ozone layer (from 15km to 35km of altitude aproximately) that protects planet Earth from the UVB (partially). UVC and Gamma rays.
By sending the module over the attained altitude, we can perform experiments and send different instruments that can operate in particular conditions. It's not a simple goal to reach since there are many limitations for each object that reaches the Stratosphere: it's necessary to use adeguate protection for very high intensity radiations and temperatures, not to menhion the pressure levels that might vary.
You probably asked your self, how can I follow the meetings and/or help us?
If you want to cooperate, contact us via mail and you will get all the details.
If I live far away?
Don't worry, the project is organized in a way where you don't have to phisically present: the meetings can be followed in live streaming via video channel (you will be able to chat with us); in rreal time you'll be able to see and interact on the documents that we are going to create during the meeting (we use Google - Drive).
How can you help us? There are many departments!
You can cooperate by giving out your ideas, your opinions and your experience.
But you can also just simply advertise for us on your website, on twitter, or on facebook: in this way other people will be able to see what we perform in this way you will help us to share the scientific culture.
If you want you can also donate to us: our project it's financed from donations and by self financing. Note that: we can not offer services, this means that we can't accept cash by offering services (for example we can not transport objects in the Stratosphere for cash).
Some people ask: " What can I help you with? I don't know anything about the Stratosphere"
It's not necessary to have knoledge of the Stratosphere to cooperate with us. We discovered that to reach our goals we need everyone to help us!
So don't be shy! Launch your self into the adventure, come and join the crew StratoLab.
To cooperate contact us!
We will reply to you.