The Pigeon Problem

ProblemaPiccione1The new aircraft from mission ATLAS2 it's composed by a compacted structure shaped like a cilinder. This makes up a better isolation  and a makes up a abetter aerodinamic system.

The entire aircraft can be divided in 2 sections: the top section containing the neck of the balloon, the deflation system during flight and the parachute, the second section contains the instruments and it's completely isolated from the external atmoshpere.

Let's analyze an emergency scenario: during the first phase of the flight a bird could cause an explosion of the balloon where the craft could impact without the parachute, since it's  expelled at an attained altitude (14km).

It's necessary to elaborate a system that will not use electronic instruments (they could malfunction) and the mechanical solutions that could enter in a specific scenario and not during a regular flight.

ProblemaPiccione2To avoid the problem we decided to position a small parachute inside of the module. When the pigeon causes the explosion of the balloon, the secondary parachute (exposed in the atmosphere) it will blow up and will activate the block trigger of the explosion system of the primary parachute for the rientry of the module.

The elaborated system will allow a secured rientry even if there is going to be an explosion of the balloon due to different structure problems.

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