What software to use?

One of the projects aim  is to demonstrate that whats being learnt at the school is very useful nower days and its not just theory, That's why we thaught that it would be very useful to create a software in order that the mission could function in the right way by adoperating a specific programing language teached at the Brandolini Rota College.

Diagram related to the comunications regarding the mission ATLAS 1


Reffering to the recent articles we pubblished we can see that we can adoperate at least 3 softwares.

  1. The software which will be adoperated around the module (payload) will read the sensors (GPS, IMU temperature, barometer, webcam, ...), the retention and the data retreival through the radio operations; the same program will have to manouver some critical situations which will cut (with the cutter) the rope that is attached from the balloon to the payload or to activate the buzzer during the descent fase.
  2. The software which will let the crew to receive data through radio stations and will have to elaborate them  before sending it on the servers dedicated to our mission.
  3. The software contained in different servers (the main one and also the backup one) which will receive data from the radio stations and will allow to visualize and analize all data from the module and also to maneuver remotely worst case scenarios on the payload (restart of some procedures, manual mode cable cutting, ...).

The software contained inside the module control protocol (point 1) and inside the radio controls, it will be written with Python, and the one contained in the servers dedicated to our mission will be developed with PHP which will be functioned on an Apache Webserver (the information will be memorized on a database - DBMS MySQL).

In a detailed way on the servers it will be developed a web software which will allow the publishment of all data on internet (some information will be published, others will be dedicated to the user identity) through graphs and maps which will be updated in real time.

To develope all of this we are going to adoperate two Frameworks: Laverel and Bootstrap.

It's possible that in the next missions the software integrated in the servers will be rewrited with Node.js upgrading diffrent update techniques of rela time information.

Every software produced will be created on Linux machines.

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