Where are all of our experimental data get stored?

The experimental data regarding mission ATLAS1 and the ones from the MCC Software (GPS, accellerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, temperatures, battery charger, solar panels, active procedures on the comand scheme, ...)  will be memorized on a SD card which is contained inside the module, but the same data will be send via radio.

Why sending data via radio? The craft might fall into water or get lost and there isn't a possibility to retreive the data.

By sending the data via radio to the MCC there is the possibility to:

  • save them without loosing them
  • track the flight and to interact with the craft (by sending some comands) in case of critical scenarios correlated to some electronic malfunctions.

The following image represents the comunication radio procedure.






Recently (3 may 2014) we are waiting to receive from competed departments, data regarding the frequencies used also  for our project. Our authorization regarding radioamaterurial frequencies got aborted since the use of the transmissions are different from the propagation studies (we are going to use radios as a comunication procedure and not as an instrument to study the radio waves).

In this sector we need plenty of help: fortunately, during the Radio Fair in Pordenone, multiple groups interested in the study of radios where very glad to help us out in the radio comunications.

If someone would like to joing our crew, come forward! Write to us!



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