ATLAS 0: the electronic diagram

ATLAS0 circuiteria

In ATLAS 0 , which is the first mission of our project, his electronic circuit is originary from Italy: the electronic diagram is called Arietta G25 from AcmeSystems.

In this interesting and small diagram we interfaced these following sensors:

  • 8 sensors to retrieve the temperature positioned on each side of the craft ( shaped as a  truncated pyramid with an octagonal base)
  • 1 temperature sensor  inside the module
  • 4 pressure sensors 
  • 1 GPS
  • 1 accellerometer 3 axis
  • 1 magnetometer 3 axis
  • 1 gyroscope

The sensors that we have used where:S

In the project we have added a buzzer and a button to shut down the system. The buzzer will be activated via software during the descent of the craft to warn it's presence and to avoid the impact on the people. The buzzer will help the crew to locate the module.

The button will disactivate the buzzer. This system was installed to avoid the distruction of the craft from a person caused by it's loud buzz.

In this link you can find the electronic diagram of project ATLAS 0

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