StratoLab changes software for drawing electronic circuit diagrams

The stratoLab crew changes software for drawing electronic circuit diagrams used for our project.

We are substituting KiCAD with esayEDA. 

This change is NOT due to difficulties and malfunctions related to the first program, but because it’s more practical to share and to disclose the diagrams.

easyEDA is a web based platform that allows for building electronic circuits, to create a mock up of it and the final design of the printed circuit board without downloading or installing a software on a personal computer (there is also the Web App for Chrome). The portal of this platform gives the possibility to work as a team (where more than one person can work at the same time on the equal project). The standard form service is free and allows users to build many public projects (including 2 private ones).

Below you can find the link of EasyEDA dedicated to the crew members of StratoLab.

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