transportationTo fly a module it's not a game, not just in a technical way but also in a security way and also for the authorizations.

Every object in flight  must be authorized.

By launching without the authorizations required means to put peoples life in danger that are fliying at an attained altitude!

There are some very precise rules that everybody must respect that you can find on the ENAC's site


It's important to read carefully the documentation ATM-05A by studying in particular the one regarding the unmanned aircrafts that function with balloons.

To successfully launch it's necessary to ask for a temporary restricted areosopace area and if it's going to be approved it's going to be transformed in NOTAM. The request has to be done 45 days prior to launch.

It's extremely important to specify what type of balloon we are going to launch:

  • LIGHT - total mass below 4kg and does not rank into the MEDIUM or HEAVY type
  • MEDIUM - total mass over 4kg but below 6kg and does not rank into the HEAVY type
  • HEAVY - total mass over 6kg or over 3 kg of load or over 2kg of load with surface density over 13g/cm2 or conncetion cables with a load aproximately over 230N 

In any other cases it's better to consult the annexe 2ICAO chapter 4.

We remind you in other cases it's necessary to obtaina transponder for the balloon (for HEAVY balloons).

Our request had the following procedures:

  1. We contacted via telephone the ENAC center in the launch area department (in our case, by  launching our module  in Oderzo -TV, we contacted the ENCA's center from North-East of Venice); the directory and the contacts can be found on the ENAC's web site with the following url.
  2. After we have sent the email containing the description of the project and the launch protocol (with all our data regarding weight, ascent velocity and descent velocity, the colors of the objects that will go on-board) we got a form to fill out to request a authorization protocol.
  3. the form has been filled out
  4. We contacted ATS (a rank of the military defence) from Istrana (TV), and after we got a mail address where we sent the form that we successfully completed.
  5. When the first ATS member replied to us with a positive message (by applying a stamp on the model), we sent the protocol to an other ATS member located in Aviano (PN); our location of launch is between the two aerospace areas.
  6. After the approval from Aviano we contacted ENAV from Abano Terme (PD) by sending via email the request with all the stamps from ATS; ENAV from Abano Terme (ACC) requested the authorization of the coordination service and the control of the Military Aerospace field of Abano Terme.
  7. After we received the request with the neccessary authorizations (stamps and annotations) we re-sent the document at ENAC of Venice.
  8. We waited for the definitive email which was furtanetly positive!

We want to remind that from  the 10th of December2013 every activity that needs an approval to be launched in the aerospace area has a total due of 94 euros.


  • the NOTAM is published in ZULU time (so you must add two hours)
  • the day of launch, prior to start the mission, you will have to re-contact ATS that authorized you (the telephone number is located in the document) requesting the final authorization; you will have to give the NOTAM number, location of launch and the velocity of ascent and descent of the craft.
  • at the end of the mission you will have to recontact the ATS members by indicating that the flight has been successfully completed and that the craft is grounded.

In other words we want to say that who wants to perform a launch MUST have an authorization!


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