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Mission expected!
Mission in progress!

Check ATLAS 2α, a "prototype mission" to sperimentally verify the procedures, the materials and the innovations to proceed with mission ATLAS 2

Mission aborted!

The mission was aborted for the following reasons:

  • deterioration of the wood samples given to perform the experiment
  • Absence of the authorization regarding the trasnmissions during the mission
Mission success!
Attained Altitude 22km

Recent articles

  • What software to use? (09/06/2018)

    One of the projects aim  is to demonstrate that whats being learnt at the school is very useful nower days and its not just theory, That's why we thaught that it would be very useful to create a...

  • The Pigeon Problem (19/05/2018)

    The new aircraft from mission ATLAS2 it's composed by a compacted structure shaped like a cilinder. This makes up a better isolation  and a makes up a abetter aerodinamic system. The entire aircraft...

  • Antenna and tracking (06/04/2018)

    With all the goals that we have to reach for mission ATLAS 2, theres is one of them where we have to install a transceiver (with a low power) contained inside the payload so we can receive data from the...

  • License of our materials that we produce (03/04/2018)

    All of the documentation (included texts, schemes, diagrams, drawings) of the crew StratoLab is produced under the following license: Creative Commons Public Licenses (CCPL) - Attribuzione - Non...

Do you have an experiment to propose to us?
We're always researching for experiments to perform in the stratosphere.
Propose us your experiment by filling out the form which you can find it here.
Your proposal will be evaluated by our crew and if it's possible to perform, we will install it in the first available mission.

Do you want to partecipate?
Everyone can join our group
It doesn't cost anything: you are only going to spend some time, your fantasies and your aims!
Contact us ( and we will invite you to our meetings
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Ask our crew members to watch us live on YouTube (or via Hangout), write with us documents!

How to organize a mission?
It's not quite simple to answer this question, but we tried to! [IT]
Our performed tests 
During the mission planning, we had to perform some tests... Here we collected a few articles. [Translation in progress]